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B. S. Keith
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Maine. Its cold.

Favourite genre of music: I'm eclectic when it comes to music. If you don't know what that means, it's like being bisexual when it comes to people.

Favourite style of art: Anything that doesn't make me think the artist is bouncing around like an idiot saying "Ask me what it means, ask me what it means!"

Operating System: Windows 7

Wallpaper of choice: A cycle of various monsters.

Favourite cartoon character: David Xanatos

Personal Quote: Everyone believes they're doing the right thing, even when they're not.
Good and evil I am told
Are as hard to define as Hot and Cold
What may burn some, others find frozen
One culture's devil, might be another's Chosen.

What is sinister and what is kind?
I'm told that one needs the other to define
And yet I am told that there is so much more
A gray expanse we are forced to explore.

A gray area that is hard to explain
A break in Duality, a bringer of pain
A step out side of comforting simplicity
Something we fear, yet know intrinsically.

"Good is Good," a child would say
"Bad is Bad, its easy, okay?"
To this truth, an adult would scoff
Knowing more, he'd write it off.

But what if, as an argument, it is more than weak
What if it is simply incomplete?
What if it needs only more thought and definition
Could such a statement win the philosophical competition?

What is Evil is easy to explain
It is simply causing undue pain.
It is when you let your want of a thing
Mean more to you then someone's well being.

Conversely, Good always come's with a price
To give and not mean to receive, a willing sacrifice
An action taken where all you expect
Is a thanks, a hug, or maybe a peck.

"But no!" the wise adult would cry
"What if a man is about to die?
If he steals some bread to stay alive
Does that make him evil in your eye?"

No because, although he was a thief
And indeed, caused undue grief
From need it came, to stay alive
Not want that made him take the rye.

No greed or lust or wrath or pride
Just a need to fulfill or die
And so no Evil was caused from that act
No twirled mustache, no devil's pact.

"And so!" the wise adult would cry
"Is he a saint for choosing not to die?
For you seem to say that the act was Good
And yet still someone was robbed it is understood."

Never once was it said that the act was kind
A man was robbed, keep that in mind
But neither was it an act of good
Surely that is understood.

"So then the act is morally gray!"
No, for no morality was involved that day
From morality the man was absolved
For the concept of choice was not involved.

If he had a choice to make
Of should he earn or simply take
Then the choice to take would become something more
Then simply avoiding death's grim door.

He then hurt someone to fulfill a want
A sin committed for a croissant
It's the simple line between want and need
That make's causing harm an evil deed.

And what's the line for doing good?
It could be as simple as giving food
Not asking for anything in return
make's an act a good deed earned.

If one were to ask to be fairly repaid
Perhaps later on in the same day
Then the act becomes neither benevolent nor mean
It will be just an act, nothing more to glean.

For the child's simple wisdom is missing but one piece
Although it is a rather big section to say the least

Good is Good.

Evil is Evil.

And an Action needn't be either.

A person is not being Evil when they cause pain
It is when they can choose not to, but do so all the same.

Forgive my absence my dear friends
More time with you I intend to spend
More ambition and effort I will put forth
To become a man of more worth

With words and paint we will create
Things which many will applaud and debate
We can build castles and countries, you and I
We can dig deep and we can fly

We will smile, we will laugh, we may bleed, we may cry
But together never shall we say die
The world is ours to take and make better
All I ask is you forgive me for running out of rhymes.  :D
  • Mood: Joy
  • Reading: Too many books to count
  • Playing: Minecraft (go check it out!)
  • Eating: The hearts of my fallen enemies.
  • Drinking: Chocolate Milkshakes (don't judge me!)

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