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Name: Lyric (no last name as per elven tradition)

Age: 70-ish (he's started losing count)

Race: 7/8 human, 1/8 elven

Choosen By: The Lady Ink

Gift: The Arrow; from compasses to spears, swords to needles, anything that includes a long object that comes to a point.

Description: Brown shaggy hair, Green eyes, slightly pointed features and a lithe frame (from the elven blood), travel worn clothes with a random assortment of adornments (miss matched wrist bands, a few necklasses, etc.), and almost always wearing or playing his trusty old guitar.

Personality: Curiosity has been his companion his entire life. Care-free and inquisitive, but stained by the last twenty years of reliving the worst day of his life. Darker and more driven and focused now, his old self still shines through on the occations when he is relaxed and/or playing a song.

History: A decendent of the tribal elves of his home world, his inherited keen senses and longevity he put to use by exploring the world with one simple goal in mind; learn as many songs and langueges as he can and become the greatest bard ever known. His mother was a Rainsinger, a mage that specializes in calling down persipitation through song, and from her he learned to become open to the world around him and to truelly appreciate the sights and sounds there in. His father, the side from which his elven blood came from, taught him the basics of music, basics which he promplty surrpassed. Early in his life he taught himself not so much how to simply play a guitar, but how to make one sing. Until he found The Song, he spent most of his life wandering, inventing little adventures and playing to the masses with his father's parting gift, the old and sturdy guitar.


-Elven Senses: Lyric's sight, and expecialy his hearing, are superior to most normal humans

-Music Prodegy: Lyric can play any song after hearing it once. Indeed, he is known to enhance most songs almost as if on instinct.

-Possesed by Music: Burned into his soul is The Song. Exactly what it is and where it comes from Lyric isn't sure. What he does know, however, is that The Song has developed a personality of it's own, one devoted to two basic urges; be writen out in some physical form (only accomplishable by finding a "container" that can house the vast power it has attained), and answer every challenge (by competing with anything that both has a soul and attempts to make music within earshot of Lyric). By answering the challenge and almost inevitably winning, it steals the soul of the competitor and adds it as a note to it's own music. Through doing this, it becomes more powerful, and just exactly how that power manifests, it seems, is up to it.
Will add description latter.
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DarthVengeance0325 Featured By Owner May 20, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Good luck! :3 Might be fun to see :iconalecvastor: 's Musician against your Lyric. :D
Murphyslaw159 Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Student Writer
I had the same thought when I saw his entry. Good Luck to you too!
AlecVastor Featured By Owner May 26, 2011
I had the same thought when seeing this entry, what fun! Here's to good times.
Murphyslaw159 Featured By Owner May 31, 2011  Student Writer
Cheers mate!
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